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Will Bleach Unclog My Kitchen Drain?


A blocked kitchen drain happens rather frequently. This frequently happens as a result of the food and garbage that end up in the sink. Many things that shouldn’t be washed away, such as grease and fats, leftover pasta and rice, and other substances, can end up doing so. Sadly, homeowners learn the hard way that this may be a serious issue.

What should you do, therefore, if you believe your kitchen sink is clogged? Well, bleach is usually the first thing that comes to mind. This item is regarded as being fantastic and capable of virtually anything. But the real query is, can it clear a clogged kitchen drain? Let’s discover the solution.

Recognize the Limits of Bleach

There will likely be bleach under the kitchen sink in almost every home. It is one of the most well-liked goods available and has a number of applications. For instance, it can be useful for cleaning kitchens, sanitising toilets, and even dissolving hair in bathtub drains. It can kill any bacteria and germs that may be hiding in your home, as well as deodorise and eliminate unpleasant odours.

However, we must break the news to you. Not everything can be done with bleach. In particular, it won’t be the solution if your drain is clogged. Yes, bleach can be effective at cleaning some drain walls and at deodorising some drains. It won’t be the best thing to use in the case of a blockage, nevertheless. It can’t get rid of all the food waste that has accumulated in a kitchen sink.

Instead, use an unblocking service.

What then, if bleach is not the solution? So when it comes to unclogging a drain, it is recommended to shun DIY techniques. This frequently has disastrous results. Put the bleach away and stay away from the internet. Use a professional drainage system unblocking service instead. This is going to be the quickest, safest, and most efficient method of clearing a clogged drain so that you may resume your daily activities.

Many people attempt to resolve the issue on their own since they are concerned about the cost of unblocking services. However, the majority of those companies will be able to give you a quote in advance. To make sure you receive the best price for the work, keep an eye out for price match promises.

Understand the risks of DIY techniques

Do you not consider DIY techniques to be dangerous? You need to be aware of a variety of risks associated with improper bleach use. Let’s use the example of pouring this down your drain. Actually, it can interact with other substances. This is bad because poisonous vapours could be produced. They pose a risk to you and your family, which may occur if you use a DIY technique you found online.

Additionally, bleach is a strong substance that might harm your pipes. It may generate heat and burn, which may result in your pipes developing holes. In fact, some have even been known to explode, which would be a serious issue for your house and require immediate treatment. We can guarantee that replacing your pipes will cost much more money than simply hiring an unblocking service.

Therefore, avoid trying to cut costs by employing do-it-yourself techniques. If you’re lucky, they won’t even function. However, they often have the potential to do more harm, in which case you will still need to hire experts. But this time, there will be a bigger and more expensive bill to pay.

Don’t forget that your time was also wasted. If you have a busy schedule, you might have believed that DIY solutions would provide an immediate solution. However, if it turns out that they don’t function, your time has been spent. After that, you will still have to wait for the experts. If you have done more harm, it can take a while to rectify the situation, which will be a major concern for you and your family. It can mean that you are unable to use daily necessities like the kitchen sink and bathroom.

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